Saturday, February 25, 2012

End of the world??

Okay so i know im maybe late with this but i seen how people have been saying that the world is going to end on December 21,2012. All i have to say to that is PLEASEEEEE dont believe that. In the end when that day is finally here all you will end up doing is scaring yourself half to death. Being paranoid by the snow rain or whatever weather is happening that day. Well hope you guys have a good night :).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

MTV, MTV2 , etc

Its weird how MTV went from having all great shows to having one or two. I used to be able to pratically point out any on eof my friends and they USED to have at least two shows that they liked on MTV. Now only show on MTV they like is Jersey Shore, which i really don't like that show that much. Everyday there would be something on at night that I was waiting to watch on MTV, now its just nothing. Most of the shows are just fighting partying blah blah blah. They don't really show any real aspects of life, no real scenarios. I wish I could tell them to bring back the old shows even though yea i know it would cost a lot of money but they also might get some of their past viewers back, I don't know i guess it could be worth a try

Sunday, February 12, 2012

This is so complicated ugh!!!!???

Weird how I'm basically my life to one of my friends knowing apologizing I did nothing wrong. Its like they are just mad at me for no reason at all. The even more weird part is that I was the one that stopped talking to HIM the first time until he started ignoring me then for some reason my actions got right. Then it goes back to being his fault because the reason i stopped talking to him was because he tried to apparently "make fun of me" but tried to say it was a harmless joke. In MY eyes it wasn't funny at all, it was just childish. Then today he wanted to get on OOVOO with me because it was important, idk why but the first time when he called me i ignored it to ask what was it about. I found out and he called back but then right when we were connecting my connection dropped. I finally went to call him and he wasn't There. For some reason i think we are just not meant to talk about what he was about to say or something idk can you understand that lol? Question is, Did i just ruin a perfectly good friendship, a bad one, or do i have still have time to fix it? I really dont know, And i really need my friend ICY to talk to right now but his gf needs him more, so yea i have no one to talk to.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New changes are among us 0.0 lol : )

Ok I know what you think no this isn't about aliens taking over the world or anything lol it's about my house actually. Over the past few days my sad has decided he wanted to gut out the old bathroom and design a whole new one. Literally two days ago the bathroom was so empty that if you would have step into it you would have fell into the kitchen. But here is the problem my dad hired these guys to do it but they have been doing the bathroom for like a week now and me AND my dad have been getting impacient, idk don't you guys think they should have been done by now. Tell me what you think and what we should do.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can't trust most people, how sad...

Its so sad how you try to be SOO nice but it's like to some people no matter how much you try to get closer to them and be there friend it doesn't work. It's frustrating to be putting in-keep putting in all your effort to JUST try to get closer to them. Maybe its just because I'm not the type to give up, but I will get them to like me no matter what..