Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sad news

Okay, i know that i haven't been actually doing anything on the site recently. The reason i haven't is because i found out my dog died. I found him in my basement huddled in a corner dead i don't know whats wrong or what has happened to him, i fed him every day and gave him water. But i didn't have much to play with him because i was to busy with school. And when he went to the doctors a few weeks ago they said he was in great condition. Maybe he got sick or he really did die of loneliness. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teen Blogger conflicts..????

Today i did a search on google for "Most influential teen bloggers". A website poped up and after reading the article i noticed a pattern. Half of the comments on the article were saying teens (12-20) have no real opinion because we are just uneducated and opinionated. Someone else said Girls cant because they are too obsessive, and boys cant because we dont have enough knowledge and especially cant do something as "challenging" as politics. I disagree with both us these comments thats the point of blogging is to give your own opinion. By someone saying ALL teens blog the same way THAT is uneducated in my opinion. But idk you yall tell me what yall think about this.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Call me maybe :)

These videos of kids have been circling around on youtube. It is of them hanging out with their friends on camera and playing to a song called "call me maybe". Even some celebrities made a video of them having fun to the song which is what the kids based the videos off of in my opinion its a good thing to see these teen just having fun instead of trying to promote their new song. People might respect them more because of it cause i know i can relate to them more now. So in honor of it the video of the celebs and the song itself is up on the "Video Of The Day" and "Song Of The Day" pages on my site go check them out :D.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Windows 8

Okay i know this is really out of context but there is this new windows 9 consumer preview demo type thing, But i just wanted to make a quick post about it. So basically you are able to get a free test of windows 8 on your computer, and keep it. I dont think the test ever runs out i am running it on my computer and let me just say it is awesome. From the market, to the xbox live games, EVERYTHING here is the link to get it. No im not associated with them, i just wanted to share cause i dont want you guys to miss out, and to know what its like just in case you want it in the future.