Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer 2012: Pocono mountains

I am so upset. Even though I am about... 3 years late for this. There is this place called the poconos in philadelphia and my family and I used to go there every year. We would go to the family part of it called brookdale.

Brookdale was so peaceful, all of the tree's and wilderness were just so calming. But now all I am left with is memories and a free mug that we got for staying there the week LOL.

But does anyone know if there is any place like it if you have any experience there or know someone who went there.

Oh and the picture is not mines lol I got it off google all rights to whoever uploaded it

Monday, April 16, 2012

5 ways to stay cool in the summer

So in school today I realizes it was REALLY hot. All of the air conditioners didn't seem to work how it should've. So I decided to make some tips I made up heard,read,etc ( by the way anyone know how to spell that word I only know say it and the abbreviation.); on how to stay cool in the summer.

By the way sense I have a lot of tips I think I might just make them like a weekly thing, since honestly I still don't have a solid idea for this blog. But i'm so glad you guys take the time to read it anyway :). When I do I'll get a secure domain name.

1. Take a towel and run it under cold water squeeze some of the water out the towel. Keep the towel around you, whenever you get hot, just put the towel on your head.

2. Ice cubes are generally known to keep your body cooler in the summer by chewing them.

3. Try not to move around a lot, if you are in a case where you have to move at least give yourself a 5 minute break in the shade.

4. Try to avoid stuff with fur, leather or plastic. They usually generate more heat than say, Jeans which jeans and polyester actually keep you cooler in the summer.

5. Do not use any fans indoors only air conditioners because in the summer or when it's hot the fan just blows the hot air around making it feel more humid.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Death Of Spring break

Is it just me or did this spring/easter break seem long but idk I guess that's a good thing. My grades in school haven't been the best and being in school is the only how I can try to raise them. I must admit I will have to admit that it was fun this sprint break besides me getting sick, still being ignored by icy and my closest friend hating me. So my question is how was your spring/Easter break?what'd you do?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shark in the water

This post isn't about sharks, the sharks are more symbolic than literal. What i mean which ties and the song of the day is no matter how things are going good you shouldn't take it for granted. There can always be that one "Shark In The Water" waiting to bring you down. In example, in a relationship it can be going all great but one of the two may have done something that you are bound to find out about, like cheating. So before you you fully dive into something think about all the sharks that could be in the water.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring break 2012

okay, i know i havent made a post in a while but i have a good reason for this, my grades have been getting bad and my dog died. SO now that all thats cleared up, my question is, how is your spring break going?Do you have spring break? Mine began last friday from today and has been going terrible. On the first few days i got the stomach virus, after that yesterday i got sick so its like blah DX.