Monday, May 28, 2012

Rags the movie Nickelodeon

Okay, im not the type to even watch nick, nick 2 all that. But i happened to be scrolling by the preview and thought it looked good. BOY was i... correct.

The movie was about a boy named charlie prince an aspiring singer that cant catch a break, who ran into a misunderstood and controlled superstar named Katie worth or Kadee worth. They became friends and after a mysterious singer named "rags" sung at the superstars-fathers party. When Charlie tries to make a dramatic reveal that he is rags he ultimately fails. SO, the two friends set out to find them. After the boy's own step brother claim to be rags, the superstar fell for it. Then later realized after a quote charlie said it was him friend all along instead of his step brother.

 I mean it actually showed how most artist feel perfectly. Minus the happy ending. Most of them feel controlled by the industry. It also portrayed the way people trying to follow their dreams feel. Like my dream ill say it  To be a professional blogger and live the holly-wood life, with my family of course. Also, at the end when the narrator (Drake  bell) was talking he said something that I'm sure inspired most of the people who watched it. He said your dreams can come true and their can be a happy ending. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blogger conflicts

If you are a blogger, writer, or website owner, you know how hard it is to carry school along with a website or writing and staying up to date on it.

Which is kind of the problem i been having hehe. It's hard to balance trying to keep a website up to date and having school work and trying to balance "average grades". Which in my case is a lot different than others.