Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bad news that just gets worse

Okay, so the interview is gonna be put off for a few days because when i put it up i want him to see it. This is not gonna happen because he decided to goto mexico with his family for a week without notifying me. Okay on to the next bit of bad news, I told my mother about my website and book ( I know right idk how I did all this without permission) but after I told her about it she told me and like half of our whole family that "my son gonna make me a millionaire" I don't know how to explain to her its the luck of the draw ad I have like a million to one chance of actually doing that.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upcoming Q&A

Okay, i know this boy and he wants to be a rapper. He calls himself jay pierce, i mean i talked to him a couple a times but i dont know him personally. But, since he wants to be a rapper and i have a blog i thought to myself, why not take on a new type of writing style and do an interview. So i'm going to put the interview in a different post very soon, i just need to finish adding my commentary of stuff in it, or i might just get bored and leave it as is cause i'm lazy LOL. But, the interview title is going to be called "An interview with Jay pierce (rgrmg)". One last thing since i mentioned his name i now feel obligated to add his links also haha.



Sunday, July 22, 2012

False Advertisements PISS me off!

Yes I know I spelled it wrong, but that's how frustrating it is >:O. Every other website it usually has the same damn ad - well usually. The ad says "_____ insert town here, mom makes 5874/day or month" but if you check the picture it has a "snapshot" of is "their" google Adsense. The main thing I hate about these is there could be someone that just lost their job and is down and the gutters, when they see an ad like this they think they have been giving a second chance but in reality it's not which is the really sick part about this. People need to think about others situation before making ads like this

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to handle Rejection

How to handle rejection you may ask? I personally have no idea. No, its not because i havent been rejected its just because i honestly dont know how to handle it. I messaged someone that i liked a few days ago and it turned out terrible. How? Well, for starters they didnt even respond back. Like what type of loser do i seem like now. But in my Wattpad book i'm having it be like a narroration of my life. As i was walking to summer school a few days ago i had a thought of the first narroration. It said, "Life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you want, the problem is when you think about all the loop holes you left in it when you asked for it, its to late and its probably completely opposite of what you wanted". Because this is what what happened to me, i asked to be closer to my crush and to no avail they added me on Facebook, but when i messaged them they ignored me. I got what i wanted but in the end it was the opposite of what i expected to happen.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My new blog

I know what your saying "y u no have one blog" well that is because i wanted to do something different for a blog. This is why i decided to make it a photoblog (photography blog). Hopefully later in the future my plans for it will work, my plans are for my blog to have a bunch of people to send in pictures of a favorite moment they have had in their lifetime and write a title above it and a small summary under it. But, because it has just started, i'm going to be the one posting for now to get it all started. The link to my blog is right under this paragraph, just click "My Lens Journal".
                                                 My Lens Journal

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to be a "popular teen blogger"

These are some steps i found useful in being a successful teen blogger
  1. Talk about how cheap and unfit your school is, Dont forget the internet loves a good sob story.
  2.  Write about a dyeing relative, you know what who knows you coud just lie about a dyeing virus infested relative no one would ever know anyway.
  3. talk about how much you love your mommy, nothing warms a persons heart like seeing a relationship between a mother/daughter or mother/son grow. Forget getting your moms legal consent about her every move being posted on the internet for billions to see as long as your famous ✌ .
  4. Become a victim of some type of bullying, even if you are the most popular kid in school. A few good stories and a sad picture that represents your "school life" can turn anybody from chuck norris to harry styles documentary special.  
Ok, if you haven't figured out by now this was all a joke,i didn't mean to offend anyone if i did. I just feet like this blog is all to serious. But on the other hand if you liked this would like to see another post like this one (Eg: "how to have fun", or "how to become president)  leave a suggestion in the comments below .